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brodyface said: hey i was thinking of setting up a wild dog tumblr as ive done alot of study on them and I plan on doing a dissertation on them. Are you still thinking of closing this blog because id love to continue it? Also how does someone taking over work?

It’s only small but you can have it if you like. Love your blog. Just followed from my personal blog. :)

wewhohavebeeninspired said: Just wanted to say I care. I found your site tonight after reading about the tragedy in Pittsburgh. I have fallen in love with these dogs. Just wanted to say thanks for the great pics!

Thank you xo

Ermergerrrd tumblr where have you been?

Might close this page. Don’t think I’ll ever have time for it. Unless someone wants it ?

themostnobleattributeofman said: I care!!! I've been wondering where you have been!! T_T

yaay! sorry, ill get back on it!

does anyone even care about this blog?